Geoffrey Wiseman

Lisa LeBlanc

While driving through Quebec, I heard a song that I liked and wanted to look up, but by the time I was done driving, I had forgotten about it.

Yesterday night at Acadie Rock 2013, Lisa LeBlanc took the stage and immediately reminded me what I liked about "J'pas un cowboy" when I had heard it on the radio.

Then she went on to kill a whole set of what she's calling "Trash-Folk". She's got a great raspy voice with a ton of power to it, a lot of skill on the guitar and banjo, a pile of stage presence and a collection of great songs piled deep with chiac slang, merged words and english thrown in for good measure.

I bought the album on iTunes before the concert finished, and I've been listening to it today, and it's great too. I'd be happy to see her again, but it looks like she's going to be touring Quebec and France for now.

Give it a listen. There's lots of good songs in there, but I might start with "Cerveau ramolli", "J'pas un cowboy", "Motel" or "Y fait chaud" (or all four):

Incidentally, she can give you an introduction to french "sacrés" (french profanity) with lyrics like "Câlisse-moi là" and "Ostie qu'y fait chaud". If you haven't encountered sacrés, you can review the list to see what you're getting into.