Geoffrey Wiseman

Another Seagate Drive Failed

Drobo 5DIf you haven't followed the saga so far, you may not know that I've had a series of hard drive failures in my Drobo 5D, which all seem to come down to having chosen a Seagate Barracuda drive with a spectacularly terrible failure rate.

I powered down the Drobo recently to upgrade the attached Mac Mini to OS X El Capitan, and when I powered it back up, another of the Seagate ST3000DM001 drives died and the Drobo went into data protection mode.

Although I have dual-disk redundancy turned on, I decided not to wait very long to sort this out and I picked up two Western Digital RED 4TB drives to replace the one Seagate 3TB drive (I had one empty bay in the Drobo). This'll help shield me from the fact that there is at least one more Seagate still in the machine, which I guarantee will die long before any of the other drives in the unit will.

Anyway -- thanks for keeping my data safe, Drobo, and screw you Seagate. ;)