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2020 Blog Update

August 1, 2020

So it's been a while.

After my last system upgrade, this blog languished on my old hard drive for a while, but I recently discovered an update I needed to make, and in order to get there, I needed to get this off the old hard drive, hook it up, and...

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On Middleman

February 19, 2013

When I first started on the renovation for my personal site, I had intended to put it into Octopress. Its plain-text, markdown-aware model works well with me and it had the reputation for being more capable than Jekyll, which I've used on GitHub, while still being pretty simple to use. Before digging into Octopress, I built a static version of my site, both so I could post it and so that I knew what layout and content I wanted to put into Octopress. That could be seen as my mistake.

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February 14, 2013

Welcome. I've finally gotten a personal blog running again, this time using Middleman. I'm going to write up my thoughts about Middleman and Octopress soon, since that's fresh on my mind.

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